Labiaplasty Surgery In Gurgaon

What is Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty is a surgical treatment used to reduce the size of the labia minora, which are the skin folds that surround the urethra and vagina. What to expect from labiaplasty surgery In Gurgaon, Rewari, Bhiwadi, Pataudi, India. Excess skin can become twisted and squeezed during exercise, physical activities, and intercourse, producing pain. Labiaplasty may also be performed for cosmetic reasons or as part of gender-affirming surgery.

Your labia are the skin folds that surround your vaginal entrance. You have two folds of skin there. The outer folds are known as the labia majora, which translates to “large lips.” These are the bigger fleshy folds that cover your genital organs from the outside world. After puberty, they are covered in pubic hair. The inner folds are known as the labia minora, which translates to “small lips.” These skin folds protect the openings of your urethra and vagina (where your urine exits your body).

During a labiaplasty and depending on why you’re having it, your surgeon either:

  • Removes some tissue from your labia to reduce its size.
  • Injects a filler material or fat into your labia to enlarge it.
  • Reconstructs your labia from other tissue.

Why would someone get a labiaplasty?

There are medical reasons for labiaplasty. There are also physical, cosmetic and emotional reasons. Sometimes, labiaplasty is part of gender-affirming surgery.

What to expect from Labiaplasty Surgery In Gurgaon?

A Labiaplasty Surgery In Gurgaon is performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia with sedation.

It entails reducing or redesigning the vaginal lips. A scalpel or laser is used to remove the undesirable tissue. Fine, dissolvable stitches can be used to repair the loose edge.

The entire treatment takes between 1 and 2 hours.

You might be able to leave the same day.

What causes a labium to become oversized?

  • Your labia can expand rapidly throughout puberty.
  • Menopause and other hormonal changes might cause your labia majora tissue to thin.
  • Childbirth and pregnancy.
  • Weight fluctuations.
  • Genetics.

Recovery time from Labiaplasty Surgery In Gurgaon

You may need up to two weeks off from work to recover. It might take few months for the skin to totally recover.

During this period, you must:

  • Keep the region clean and free of infection.
  • Wear loose undergarments and clothing to avoid rubbing.
  • For at least 4 weeks, avoid sex.
  • For 4 to 6 weeks, avoid all physical exertion.
  • Your surgeon may provide you with additional precise suggestions to follow.

Side effects:

Soreness, bruising, and swelling are common following a labiaplasty surgery in Gurgaon and can persist up to two weeks.

Peeing and sitting may also be difficult during this period. You will be given pain relievers to aid you with this.

Labiaplasty Surgery cost In Gurgaon:

This procedure is typically done to enhance the appearance of the genitalia or to alleviate discomfort caused by enlarged or asymmetrical labia. On average, Labiaplasty Surgery cost In Gurgaon is around ₹27,500, with the starting cost being ₹30,000 and the maximum price reaching up to ₹35,000.

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